Gerry Joe Weise biography


GERRY JOE WEISE was born in 1959, in Sydney, Australia. Since the very early 1980s, he has been experimenting, producing, and exhibiting special room installations of note. He also has been performing with poets, example: (1) Jean-Marie LeSidaner with exhibitions, performances, writings etc..., (2) Michel Butor with a catalogue/revue, (3) participation with a "Musical Soundscape" at the Rimbaud Poetry Festival in Charleville-Mezieres in France. He has however, mainly been performing as a musician of which he has released several albums of importance, he has played with John Lee Hooker, Albert Collins and B.B.King, and has been touring around the 4 corners of the world since 1975.
Coinciding with his musical career he has led an important and interesting career in contemporary art, where many of his works can be found in different museums, private and public collections of many different countries. A majority of his exhibitions get treated to special installations based around a theme. His "Colored Pigments on Earth", usually 5 meters in diameter, are very popular. Sometimes the "Colored Pigments on Earth" are created in front of the public at a show-opening, surrounded by his paintings and other installations. Gerry Joe Weise has worked together in joint-paintings with aboriginal artist Eddie Ryan Bangadi, and has stayed on 2 remote aboriginal communities: Manmoyi and Gunbalanya in the Northern Territory of Australia. Apart from living in Australia he has also lived and worked in Germany, Switzerland and France.
His "New-Nature / New-Realities" photography, is based on his ever on-going themes about nature, the Earth, the Universe, symbols, and different world cultures. His experimentation in new-&-old-school techniques has lead to a revolutionary new way of looking at and perceiving nature and the Universe.


by Morton Fielding

The NEW-NATURE series commenced with the introduction of dissonant forms of landscape photography in the South of France. The gradual deformations of images juxtaposed to form pictures no longer controlled by Earth's gravity, sometimes creating a central void, where the viewer is drawn into the image, sometimes turning the viewer upon his head. The exclusion of the human figure where all presence is evacuated, the viewer feels like an outsider in front of the image, as if nature has left mankind out; is a specific intention created by Gerry Joe Weise in what he calls the "New-Nature" series.
The most significant characteristic of Weise's photography, is its anti-gravitational aspect, its overwhelming scale in thickness of vegetation, where as silence and cacophony simultaneously carve through the dense air. An instant of bafflement ? Gerry Joe Weise doesn't encourage the viewer to comprehend contemporary nature photography at first glance.
Nature versus gravity !


by Andrew Nuti
GERRY JOE WEISE is interested in the dimension of life that surpasses traditional urban life. His more external approach juxtaposed with Space and/or Movement, is enticed by Energy/Creation, and more fundamentally, is guiding his artistic research through guidelines set up in response to them, rather than following 'trendy' patterns. Gerry Joe Weise has developed a whole body of theory, thanks to his musical practice, which evolves around the notion of rhythm. Here he has created a symbolic universe of his own.


NEW-NATURE : Photos Southern France
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NEW-REALITIES Collages South Australia

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Gerry Joe Weise
Born in 1959 in Sydney, Australia.
He has lived in Australia, France, Germany, Switzerland and the U.S.A.
His artwork can be seen in galleries, cultural centers, museums, private and public collections. New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Paris, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich, Bonn, Brussels, Montreux, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin, Auckland, etc.

Gerry Joe Weise is a visual artist who has exhibited since 1982. He specializes in Abstraction, Symbolism, Photo Realism, in his paintings, drawings and sculpture. He also uses video, photography and CGI. He is best known internationally for his installations in "Land Art" and exhibitions "In Situ". He has worked as exhibition curator and co-ordinator for private galleries in Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin) and in France (Paris, Reims, Albi). Weise has initiated Workshops and Masterclasses in Australia, Europe and the USA.

1968 -1st prize, 9 years old, Drawing Competion, TV Channel 9, Sydney Australia.
1987 -Gold Medal, Grand Prix de France, Visual Arts, Reims, France.
1989 -2nd Prize, Public Choice Award, Salon des Independants, Paris, France.
1993 -1st Prize, Graphic Drawing, Art Show, Brussels, Belgium.
1997 -Best Installation Award,  for "Earth Painting", CCA, Munich, Germany.
2015 -Voted number #3 on the Top Artists Charts for the Land Arts Iinfo Magazine, Paris, France.

Solo exhibitions
1985 -Galerie La Grande Serre, Rouen, France.
1986 -Centre Culturel Les Archers, Cambrai, Fr.
1986 -Centre Culturel, Gaillon, Fr.
1987 -"Transmythic Earth" Retrospective:
...............Australian Embassy, Paris, Fr
...............Centre Culturel du CROUS, Reims, Fr
...............Espace AGF, Reims
...............Restaurant VO, Reims
...............Café du Palais, Reims.
1988 -Australian Embassy, Bonn, Germany.
1988 -Australian Embassy, Brussels, Belgium.
1988 -"Earth Church" Installations:
...............Basilique St Denis, Paris
...............Basilique St Rémi, Reims
...............Eglise Viels St Remy, Fr
...............Eglise Neuvizy, Fr.
1989 -Centre Culturel Espace 13, Paris.
1989 -"Earth Music" Centre Culturel Ocre d'Art, Châteauroux, Fr.
1989 -"Transmythic Music" Espace Trésor; Reims.
1990 -"The Sacred - Looking Up" Musée Rimbaud, Charleville-Mézières, Fr.
90/91 -Expositions "Le Chant des Roches":
...............Les Loges, Reims
...............Station Radio 93FM, Reims
...............Espace AGF, Reims.
1991 -"Transmythic Utopia", BK Galerie, Frankfurt, Germany.
1993 -"Transmythic Beyond", CAC, Brussels, Belgium.
94/95 -"L'Utopie", Centre Culturel Ancien College, Sezanne, Fr.
1997 -"Earth Painting", CCA, Munich, Germany.
1998 -"Abstract Earth", LB Fine Arts, Montreux, Switzerland.
2000 -Galerie Jiwini, Albi, Fr.
00/01 -Galerie Out Of Australia, Toulouse, Fr.
2002 -"Earth Spirit", Centre Culturel, Les Salvages, Fr.
2005 -"Distorted Nature", Ancien Temple, Lacaze, Fr.
2006 -"Nightscapes", Jam Factory, Adelaide, Australia.
2007 -"Nature Wide", Junction Gallery, NYC, USA.
2008 -"Abstract Nature", Culture Centre, Buchholz IdN, Germany.
2013 - "The 12 Months / Les Douze Mois", Médiathèque de Montreuil, Laon, Fr.
2013 -"Earth Lines", Land Art, pigments on outdoor ground earth, Sculpture Park, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy.
2014 -"Draw a Thought / Dessiner une Pensée", Bibliotheque Municipale Patrimoniale Suzanne Martinet, Laon, Fr.
2015 - "Bark Paintings", Perspective Horizon Gallery, Sydney, Australia.
2015 - "Ground Paintings", Perspective Horizon Gallery, Sydney, Australia.
2015 - "Ground Paintings", Webster Art Gallery, Los Angeles, USA.
2016 - "Ground Paintings", Transient Land Art Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.
2016 - "Land Art Light Box Exhibition", L.A.M.P. Land Art Multi-media Project, Warehouse 80, Sydney, Australia. Large-scale transparencies exhibited on translucent white surface with internal incandescent light source.

Group exhibitions
82/84 -Galerie im Schlosspavillon, Ismaning, Munich, Germany.
1987 -"Grande Prix de France des Arts Plastiques", Ancien College, Reims.
87/88 -"Rituel Commun / Common Ritual" Exhibitions:
...............Australian Embassy, Paris
...............Galerie La Lisiere, Reims
...............Galerie Clin d'Oeil, Toulouse.
1988 -"Grandeur Nature", SABC Centre d'Arts Plastiques, Clamart, Paris.
1989 -"Installation THNO" Sculpture Park, Tinos Island, Greece.
1992 -"Sun Earth", Centre Culturel Co-Temporaire, Troyes, Fr.
93/98 -Galerie Ligne Roset, Reims.
2000 -Parc des Expositions, Caen, Fr.
2000 -"Art Passions", Galerie d'Art, Boissezon, Fr.
2001 -"Earth Spirit / L'Esprit de la Terre", CCI, Castres, Fr.
2002 -"Earth Spirit / L'Esprit de la Terre", Centre Culturel, Les Salvages, Fr.
2003 -"Earth Spirit / L'Esprit de la Terre", Château, Hôtel de Vile, Brassac, Fr.
2004 -"Nature Nature", Lac du Merle, Fr.
2005 -"Installations", Sculpture Park, Brassac.
06/07 -Galerie Ligne Roset, Reims.
2007 -"Where To Now ?", Artist's Space, NYC, USA.
2009 -"Earth Spirit / L'Esprit de la Terre", Conservatoire, Laon, Fr.
2014 -"Earth Spirit / L'Esprit de la Terre", Le Mail Culture Center, Soissons, Fr.


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